Race Against Your Best Times

Velo Set racing through a town

Challenge your friends

Race against your friends

Arcade style fun with your trainer

Jumps, skids and all-round fun racing physics

Multiple maps and routes

Multiple maps each with multiple routes

Want to know a little more?

The Velo Set lets you race yourself and your friend's best efforts in an entertaining arcade-style game. We built it to make it fun to jump on the bike and make your legs scream for a few minutes.

At the moment we are at pre-alpha stage testing with friends and family, but we want to expand to other testers soon. Register with the form above to become a tester!

We are also experimenting with a bunch of different game modes:

  • Multiplayer race mode
  • Smart steering control
  • Arena game mode


Bluetooth Smart Trainer

Bluetooth Smart Trainer + iOS/Android

Want to talk to the developer of The Velo Set? Try kyle@theveloset.com or Twitter.
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